The Foundation Station specializes in Custom Fitting Bras, accompanied by silicone breast forms, fashion figure control, and Rejuvametics™ skin care and makeup line of products.

BRAS:  We feature Jeunique® Bras and The Beauty Bra from Jeunique® International.  We have bras to fit the larger, fuller, and more difficult-to-find cup sizes, ranging from 30-A through 46-KK.  Go to Body Fashions and click on bra fashion (size) for the complete size guide.

SILICONE BREAST FORMS:  Breasts are not the same size or shape, even on the same woman.  In order to balance the figure we offer silicone bra pads, silicone add-a-cup forms, and full mastectomy replacement forms.  Go to Breast Forms to see our selection of silicone products including nipple covers, and shoulder pads.

FASHION FIGURE CONTROLS:  As important as it is to support the breast tissue, some of us can use support for our abdomens and derrières, especial during pregnancy and after surgeries.  For these reasons we also offer Fashion Figure Controls (girdles, medium and long leg), Posture Perfect Abdominal Support, and Nu-Shape Pregnancy Briefs. 

REJUVAMETICS™ SKIN CARE AND MAKEUP:  Good, basic skin care is the foundation to healthy skin and complexion.  We recommend Rejuvametics™ Deep Facial Cleanser, Balancing Toner, and Ultra-Rich Moisturizer used on a daily basis for the best results.  Additional moisturizers, anti-aging, stimulating, products are available.  Go to Rejuvametics™ for complete listing of products available.

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Pat Staley
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